Who Is My Neighbor?

Thoughts on Inclusiveness
Bay View Members, Family, and Friends
But he…said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”  Luke 10:29
For years, some of us who love and cherish Bay View have been speaking up to protest discriminatory requirements that exclude from membership and cottage ownership those who have not joined a Christian denomination. Recently, a petition with 289 signatures was presented to the Board of Trustees, requesting a more inclusive community. Those of us who support a return to Bay View’s historic inclusiveness would like to share our thoughts.

This booklet gathers together letters and essays written over the past six years by Bay View members, family, and friends who support a more inclusive membership policy. We represent several generations.

Some letters were written to the Board of Trustees, some to other friends. Some of us tell about the painful effects on families, as spouses, sons and daughters are excluded because they are Jewish, or Muslim, or Buddhist. Some writers are clergy, and present their belief in the theology of inclusion. Others have simply searched their hearts and believe that inclusion is the right thing to do.

How did Jesus answer the question about a neighbor? He told the story of a Samaritan, symbol of prejudice at the time, a story of inclusion.
Here are our stories.

Included are also several important Additional Concerned Clergy letters that were not available for the original published edition.
Marjorie Andress Bayes

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