Special Committee on Membership Report 2012

Summer 2012, the Bay View Association Board of Trustees appointed and convened a Special Committee on Membership to study and make recommendations regarding the community’s membership policies. The BOT strove to appoint a balanced committee consisting of those in favor of more inclusive membership policies, those opposed and those perceived as “neutral”. On September 14, Barbara Stonewater, chair of the BOT-appointed Special Committee on Membership, submitted the committee report to the Board of Trustees. The report reflects the Special Committee’s deliberations over this past summer and makes recommendations for changing Bay View’s membership process. The Board of Trustees received the report at its October 5th meeting. Although consensus was originally reached by the 9 Committee representatives at their final meeting, the 3 representatives originally opposed to inclusivity later withdrew their support for the agreement and submitted their own Minority Report to the BOT. Following are the complete texts of the Special Committee and Minority reports.

Special Comm. Report to Board with attachments 9-12-12

Minority Report 9-29-12

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